Last Day …..then Home

And so this fantastic trip has come to an end. We rose early, and jumped into our car waiting to take us to the airport for the flight home. This might be a good time to mention motor vehicles here in Abu Dhabi..the car to the airport was a 7 series BMW, one of many here. When we arrived here I made the comment to Fi that in the first one hour in Abu Dhabi I had seen more Porsches than I had in my whole life to that time!!! Bentley Continental GT’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s, Aston Martin’s, Audi’s, Merc’s, BMW’s and …Holden Commodore’s!

We checked in for our 14 hour flight home and we had been upgraded to Business Class…wooohooo! Thru customs and into the lounge, breakfast and onto the plane for the flight home. The flight was great, we were able to get some reasonable sleep, were well fed and watered and touched down in Sydney around 7.10 am on Saturday morning. Off the plane, thru customs, collected our bags, out and into a cab and home all within 45 minutes, a world record!


2 thoughts on “Last Day …..then Home

  1. Welcome Home! What an amazing adventure you have had, all sounded so exciting and wonderful. Thought of you on your birthday Fi and know it would have been a happy day.
    Love and hugs
    Gwen and Ray

    • Thanks Gwen, so lovely to hear from you! Yes it really was an amazing trip, but now happy to be home again. We had Louina and Lucas with us from Saturday until yesterday which was just so great to see them both so soon after we got home, I think I miss all the kids even more when we’re so far away!

      I hope you’re both well and managed to have a nice break over Christmas.

      Talk soon, Fi xo

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