Christmas in Shap

Leaving sunny Barcelona behind us we didn’t have high expectations for our arrival into London Luton and we weren’t disappointed … it was extremely cold and very wet! Nice timing that we’d decided to treat ourselves and had a car booked to pick us up and take us straight to Leamington Spa. Had a lovely couple of days catching up with Rhona and Larry and on Saturday headed north to Shap a tiny village on the edge of the Lake District. Our digs here is Brackenber Lodge a beautiful cottage built in 1877, very comfortable with good heating …. very important 🙂 The countryside is very green, undulating fields separated by dry stacked walls and running streams, the weather is quite fresh 😉 but has been wet so the only snow to be seen is on the mountain tops.

We had dinner in the pub on the first night, a short walk from our was very cosy in front of the fire and we all ate extremely well. We also did a trip to Glasgow on Monday for Rhona to check out a venue for a function in January, an easy day trip on the train.

Christmas Day started with a beautiful breakfast of Eggs Benedict and champagne, what an awesome combo…. and to be honest the rest of the day was spent eating and drinking, a 3 course lunch prepared by Larry and Rhona that took from early afternoon to the evening to consume, the best of food & wine and Larry’s selection of Christmas songs, finished off with a cheeseboard and port in the evening.

We took a couple of walks during the day, getting fresh air, checking out our surroundings and stretching our legs. Many calls throughout the day to keep in touch with the family. So good to be able to stay in touch and see everyone whilst we are travelling.

On boxing day Larry went to Carlisle and bought Liam and Matthew back to the cottage to spend time with everyone. A bit more walking exploring the walking tracks, all rugged up…and a quiet night playing cards.

Our week here has been great, catching up, resting & relaxing along with, of course lovely meals and many bottles of great wine 🙂 time to start thinking about the next part of our journey now, Morocco may be a bit of a culture shock?



1 thought on “Christmas in Shap

  1. Well it sounds like a very posh do! We LOVED skyping you and really weird to think we were sweating and melting whilst you had indoor heating on!!!! Cant wait to see you soooon 🙂 xxxxxxx Merry Christmas to ALL of you!

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