Seville take 2

We had a nice drive on Thursday morning from Cadiz, just taking a slight detour (on the bitumen) along the way to visit another pretty village (Arcos le Frontera) that’s perched on a hill on the banks of a river, once again just so picturesque. We then dropped the Panda off and grabbed a cab to our hotel in Seville.

Our home for 2 nights is the Suites Murillo, a gorgeous apartment right next door to the cathedral, lovely views from our balcony windows and the roof top terrace.

We are just so relaxed now and in no rush to do lots of things. We checked out the cathedral on Friday, again one of the worlds largest, completed in 1507. A mosque had originally stood on the site but was knocked down and converted to a church. La Giralda was the tower of the mosque and has stood on the site since the end of the 12th century, it’s over 90m high and we climbed to the top of tower by a series of 34 ramps, these were used rather than stairs so the guards could ride their horses to the top, great views of the city once we were there. The cathedral also contains the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Finding the right the right place to eat can sometimes be a challenge, somedays we have a plan that doesn’t always work out and others we just stumble on a hidden gem. After the cathedral visit we walked past a Tapas bar called ON and could hear the crowd inside, so thought we should check it out, a funky little hole in the corner sort of place and the food was awesome! That evening we had a plan and attempted to follow directions to a restaurant that we’d read a review of and after 3 goes at following the map and about an hour of walking we finally found it, all good but not wonderful. The 2nd night we thought we’d just follow our instincts and after about an hours strolling and a stop in local bar, hung with more than the usual number Serrano hams, we stumbled on the Barrio De Santa Cruz great restaurant, felt like it was set in a cave, all dark and full of nooks and crannies, just beautiful!

Eating and drinking in Spain is easy on the pocket, just very challenging to the waist line. Gin is popular here, always served in a large wine glass and poured from the bottle at your table, where the waiter fills your glass at least half full. The first night in Seville we went to a bar that stocked over 100 gins – a hard decision when you get asked which you’d like 🙂


1 thought on “Seville take 2

  1. Ok. Now I feel weird…..really weird…. Like you are seriously in a while other dimension to me…I’m freaked out.
    Sounds sooooo amazing……

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