An early flight out of Seville and on to Barcelona until the 20th. We have received lots of good advice about Barcelona, it has a great reputation as a party town, full on hustle and bustling crowds, great shopping and good entertainment and of course the brilliant architecture of Gaudi….lets see!

The hotel we’re staying at is the Casa Camper, a great hotel in the is right in the centre Raval area of course it is in the old part of the city, lots of lane ways and little streets to wander and get lost in…little bars and restaurants everywhere, small shops, big shops…places everywhere to spend your money! There are of course many great places to eat here, just a couple that stood out for us were Rita Rouge, nice and close to our hotel with a great cocktail list and the 4Gats, an iconic restaurant that’s been around since 1897. Pablo Picasso used to frequent this restaurant when he was only 17 and actually designed a poster that was used as the front page of the menu at the time.

It is also the home of FC Barcelona and this football mad city houses the third largest stadium in the world, seating 110,000 fans. We went to the stadium to see Barca as the locals call it, play Athletico Madrid. Wonderful experience, huge crowd, stirring rendition of the local anthem with flags flying and everyone on their feet. FCB 4 def AM 1


Our choices of places to stay when we travel are B&B’s or small boutique hotels. Our hotel in Barca is the Casa Camper, our number 1 pick of the places we’ve stayed in so far, a great hotel with lots of neat initiatives. Almost like they designed the hotel with travellers in mind, how unusual! We have our own sitting room across the corridor from our bedroom with a comfy sofa and hammock, our bedroom looks out onto a vertical garden which lets in lots of light but is totally private, the lounge area downstairs is stocked with food and open 24 hours and all the staff are young, enthusiastic and extremely helpful, we loved it here!


2 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. AWSOME……… This is truly a brilliant history adventure. Your stories are brilliant adn photo’s sigh… Love to you both…xoxo

  2. Oh dear my spelling, hmm or was it my fingers…ha ha… oh and that’s a great happy sigh too.. Im unable to figure out icon’s with HUGE SMILE to you both…..cheers..

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