The coast & Cadiz

We started our day by giving Panda a drink and a much needed wash to get rid of the evidence of the misadventures from yesterday. We the drove 1/2 hour to the coast to the beautiful town of Motril, a white village perched on a hill overlooking the ocean. Breakfast there in the sunshine of toast and coffee and then headed west, hugging the coastline towards Cadiz.

Spain’s motorways are brilliant and pretty consistently 120kph speed limit, tunnels cut through the hills and massive bridges span the valleys. The scenery of quaint little villages didn’t last too long and quickly turned into a series overdeveloped coastal towns full of unit blocks and condos stacked on top of each other. Spain attracts 50 million tourists a year, most of them come in summer to the beaches and I guess they all need somewhere to stay!

We dropped into the town of Tarifa along the way, the most southern point in Spain and just a short ferry ride to Morocco which can be seen in the distance. The ferry crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and takes only 30 minutes and 20 euro.

Cadiz is the oldest continually occupied settlement in Europe located on a peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by the Atlantic. The old town is a labyrinth of cobblestone lane ways and there’s plenty to explore here. The lane ways are decorated with Christmas lights so very pretty at night time.
There are a series of walks set up that follow coloured lines on the pavement, makes it very easy find your way around. We walked the perimeter of the town following the sea wall and then stopped for lunch at a little seafood restaurant, Taberna Casa Manteca. The cook came out and spoke to us gesturing towards the ocean, we obviously couldn’t understand a word he said so he went back into his kitchen and came back out with a fish on a plate and we gathered that it had been caught fresh that morning. So that ended up being our lunch, grilled whole it was just beautiful. The first night we ate at a restaurant recommended by the guy we rented the apartment from, the xxxx, a really great meal and the next night, once again in search of somewhere special we stumbled across La Candela Tapas Bar an awesome fusion menu of many and varied tapas.

We decided to stay here for 2 nights and are in a nice little studio apartment at Casa Palacio right in the middle of the old town. We’ll head back to Seville tomorrow.




7 thoughts on “The coast & Cadiz

  1. Hi ya, it’s just such an adventure, what do you do in the morning just have a look at google maps and then off we go for the day, you couln’t have planed the goat track shurely, what a crack up,
    keep it up this great

    • Yeah, we did such a crap job of planning the goat track day….but anyway it worked out fine, the Fiat Panda, whilst having an extremely embarrassing name..(fiat goat would have been more appropriate) but anyway it performed and Fiona was very calm and relaxed all the way…….

  2. Thank you for the updates and photos. Makes my 2 weeks in Townsville with 38 degree days lame. Have a great Xmas and enjoy the new year. Will reply again soon after I read further adventures. Leon, looks like you are enjoying the beer.

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