The Alhambra & the Hammam

The Alhambra is the most visited site in Spain and number 2 in Europe the Vatican City being number one. During peak season they allow a maximum of 6,600 people entry per day, we’re very happy to have visited during the quiet time. The Alhambra dominates Granada’s skyline and is Spain’s most beautiful monument it was a fortress from the 9th century and was converted to a palace complex in the 13th & 14th century. We had a full day there exploring the gardens and palaces within the walls and found photo perfect moments at every turn looking down to the beautiful white city of Granada.

We then had a 6pm treat at the Hammam al Andalus (Arabic Baths). The baths have a combo of hot, warm and cold pools, steam room, a tea room where mint tea is served and an area for massages. The atmosphere is dark, lit by lanterns and very calming. We wandered between the pools, sipped on tea and then had a lovely massage to finish off. Any chance that we have to visit another of these we’ll be there!

We’d booked to see a Flamenco show at the Venta El Gallo in the evening and after showering and changing after the baths thought we’d wander to that area of town, have a pre dinner drink and the see the show. Once again our timing was a bit off no bars were open, a bit early for for dinner drinks at 8pm. We ended up finding the restaurant we were going to and sat outside and had a drink to pass the time.

We didn’t have high expectations of The Flamenco show and thought this was something that we should do as this region is famous as the birthplace of Flamenco, we also thought it maybe a bit of a touristy type place. The restaurant was quiet as it was Sunday, but our dinner was superb and the show just blew us away. A guitarist, a flute player, a singer, 1 male and 2 female dancers – it was just a passionate, spirited performance very hard to describe the emotion and intensity of the performers, if we get a chance to see another show while we’re in the region we’ll go again.


2 thoughts on “The Alhambra & the Hammam

  1. WOW it’s like a dream I am sooooo happy you are both enjoying this adventure. i maybe a few days behind, but I can feel it as I read it…. AWSOME FEELING…..xoxoxoxo

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