Las Alpujarras

So, today our Fiat Panda had an unintended off road experience. On leaving Granada we decided to explore the Las Alpujarras region which is on the southern side of the Sierra Nevada.

We read about one of Europe’s most scenic highways which starts at Tarifa in the south of Spain and crosses 8 countries to finish in Athens. You can hook into part of this route in Lanjaron traversing the mountains and visiting 3 white villages perched on the hillside along the way. The bit we missed was that this is a walking track! All was good for part of the way but then the road deteriorated into a goat track, but as you do when you’re going forward the best option was to keep on going. We wound our way up and around and climbed and the road was rough, the snow capped peaks that had started off in the distance ended up being very close. Needless to say the scenery along the way was just awesome – we have a new found respect for the panda.

Once we found our way back to the bitumen we went to the tiny town of Canar for lunch, walked into the bar, where the old men of the town were gathered and had a great local soup for lunch. One of the old guys spoke a bit of English and was interested to here about our travels and where we were from. Searching for somewhere to stay we again headed up the hill but the villages there all looked rather quiet so we came back down the hill and are in the town of Ortiva. We plan to head to the coast tomorrow towards Cadiz.


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