Seville & Granada

Who woulda thunk it! ….

Our first night in Spain and we dun good. Out late dinner at 11pm with the locals and on to the bars ….

We arrived into Seville via the airport bus and then walked thru the city to the Hotel Adriano, Friday night and the place was pumping – people spilling out onto the pavement from local bars, music everywhere and the streets lit up with fairy lights. A late dinner of tapas and wine costing all of 28 euros at a local restaurant.

We drove to Granada during the day, in our Fiat Panda – an ugly box on (very small) wheels, the drive was scenic lots of ‘white villages’ dotting the landscape along the way and as we got closer to Granada the view of the snow capped Sierra Nevada looking more and more impressive. It took us 3 hours from Seville to Granada and then probably another hour to find our hotel, the Santa Isabella la Real, narrow cobblestone lane ways that turned out to be one way only, cars squeezing by when there’s only room for one (breathing in doesn’t help but I do it anyway) finally found the right street to find road works blocking the entrance, but Leon persevering and patient as always got us here safely in the end.

The squares here are the places to eat and drink during the day, they’re lined with cafe’s and bars, people everywhere, locals playing the guitar and singing a few tunes and sunshine, took care of our afternoon. An evening nap and then dinner, we arrived at the restaurant at 9.30 a touch to early we disturbed the kitchen staff watching the footy, we’ll try to do better tonight:)

The Alhambra (the Red Castle) sits above the city, its an impressive site we’ll go and explore there today.


9 thoughts on “Seville & Granada

  1. Agree Kristin kinda feels like we’re along for the ride! Grenada sounds like heaps of fun, can’t wait to hear about the spas 🙂 miss you guys xx

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