Tastes & sounds of Rome

Our day starts here with an espresso & pastry at a local cafe, taken standing at the counter, as in most parts of Europe, this will cost around a euro each, sitting will at least double the price – healthy, no – delicious yes!

We then wander the streets map in hand to where we’ve decided to explore for the day. The roads are always busy full of small cars and Vespas in a hurry to get to where they’re going, crossing the street at lights we wait for the green signal, if it’s a crossing you pick your moment and then walk realising that the traffic will work its way around you, this reminds us of Vietnam but the number of scooters on the road would be x 10 to here.

Rome is obviously huge city, but doesn’t feel it, its full of lane ways, cafe’s, small bars & boutique’s and across the road will be an ancient monument a beautiful fountain or a church. If we see a church we go inside, remove our hats and just sit and look, each one is different and all very beautiful.

Lunch – the freshest of panini or pizza and salad, we make our choice of where to eat away from a main road or famous site and are usually the only non locals in the cafe, then the food will be good and the price will be right, we often get smiles from the wait staff at our limited Italian, but we still have a go πŸ™‚ House wine will be served in a jug for 3 or 4 euro and Leon will have a big beer.

The streets are full of sirens, terrible to think that someone is in trouble but Leon says its just an urgent pizza delivery πŸ™‚ space for parking cars is precious and it’s comical the spots they squeeze into, often double parking, the person that’s locked in will lean on their horn until the other driver comes to move his car!

Our evening meals have all been at Luca’s recommendation, he has a basket of business cards behind the counter and will select a card and ask perhaps ‘do you like pasta’ or ‘do you like seafood’ the answer is always yes! Not only does he recommend the restaurant but also the dish we must try. The Bucatini the first night, seafood on the second and last night was at Trattoria Dei Villini where we had pasta and Tiramisu, the best we’ve tasted of both. These have all been local places close to the B&B, where the owner serves our food and once again we’re the only non locals. And yes Leon has a big beer and we drink the wine that the waiter recommends.

Yesterday we visited the Vatican City which is immense. There were workman in the square putting the Christmas tree in place. St Peter’s Basilica is of course amazing being the largest cathedral in the world, we climbed the 551 steps to the cupola and the top of the Dome which gave us a different perspective of the vastness of the city. We then went to the Museum and explored I think just a corner – the corridors here are over 4 miles long. We saw Egyptian artefacts that are over 4,000 years old and amazingly detailed Roman sculptures, statues and paintings – you start by reading the history of what you see and how the piece came to be in the museum and then realise that there are literally thousands more to see and that this would take a week not just an afternoon and that the sun is shining outside. We visited the Sistine Chapel that Michelangelo painted in only 4 years, incredible and beautiful, no photos and you must be quiet, the guard yells for people to stop talking. We read the history of what we see from our Trip Advisor city guide App along the way.

We wandered the streets to the Trevi Fountain this morning and then decided the best way to finish our stay here was another bowl of pasta at the restaurant we went to last night – perfection!

We overnight in Seville and then a drive to explore the Andalusian countryside, not sure what WiFi availability there maybe during the next few days.



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